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What Does Respite Care Mean?

What Does Respite Care Mean

There are many types of care for the geriatric population today. Families with an elderly member are given a handful of choices to improve the welfare of their loved one. There’s hospice care, respite care, home care, home health care, etc. Today, let us zoom in to “respite care”. What should you expect from respite care?

Caregivers need a break

Respite care supports caregivers (as well as family caregivers) in doing their duties. Caregivers are humans, too – they get tired and they also attend to different roles in life. So when it’s time for either family or professional caregivers to consume their break, respite caregivers come in.

Familiar environment that ensures safety

In respite care, the only thing that changes is the caregiver. Your loved one might witness a switch in caregivers, but they will never be deprived of adequate and high-quality care. Also, respite care is possible wherever your loved one is. It is most effective when your loved one is at home or in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Coordination Between caregivers

Family caregivers and professional caregivers can work together through respite care. For example, professional caregivers can take care of technical, and medical-related duties while family caregivers can take charge of house errands and personal care. It gives both caregivers the avenue to get to know the person being taken care of, as well as their needs. Through their efforts, the person receiving the care has a higher chance of improving their health and well-being.

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