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Thoughtfulness for a Loved One with Dementia

Thoughtfulness for a Loved One with Dementia

Anyone of us could potentially be diagnosed with Dementia, but with exercise and good nutrition, we can delay and perhaps even avoid dementia in our lifetime. This condition is basically the loss of healthy brain cells that are responsible for our mental processes, and as we age, we may grow weaker and become more inactive. Inactivity can result in poor blood circulation, affecting organ functions, as well as the brain, when it does not get its healthy supply of nutrients and oxygen.

Exercising and other brain-stimulating activities can greatly help with brain functions. But among other things, families should also continue providing their love and support for their senior with dementia. For everything else, we have our Home health services in Maryland to support all the home care needs of your loved one.

Have A Safe And Comfortable Home

As your senior settles in your home, always make it a conscious decision to share your space with them so you can keep your home safe and comfortable. Declutter hallways and staircases and find ways to take out unnecessary items in the house to create a minimalistic kind of home environment where only the essentials are kept for use. This way, you can have a visually peaceful surrounding that is functional and practical that will not overwhelm your loved one with dementia.

Ensure Good Nutrition And Hydration

Fortify their immune system by giving them fresh fruits and drinks so they can have a flavorful meal, even though they may lose their appetites at times. Seniors with dementia may often forget to stay hydrated, but with our Home Care in Bowie, Maryland, our caregivers always guarantee our senior clients’ good nutrition and hydration whenever they are entrusted to our care.

Prepare Calming Music And Fragrances

Creating a safe home environment can also be through special effects you can add at home like calming music and fragrances. Calming music can help soothe their minds whenever they reach a level of confusion or have a hard time sleeping. Fragrances like lavender and eucalyptus can give relief to anxiety and pain. Indulge your senior loved ones with this aromatherapy mix to help them relax whenever confusion overcomes them.

Take the time to set your home for your senior loved one and let our home health care in Bowie, Maryland handle the rest of their care needs.

If you need extra helping hands for your loved one with dementia, please do not hesitate to contact Trust Home Care, Inc., we are here to help you out.

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