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Managing Pain Experienced by the Elderly

Managing Pain Experienced by the Elderly

Most of the elderly experience pain due to their health conditions. Sometimes, it can be a minor headache or arthritis. On other days, it’s a combination of symptoms brought by a health condition. As somebody who takes care of your senior loved one, you should remember that pain can be managed. Here are some ways for you to manage your senior loved one’s pain:

  • Painkillers
    Accompany your loved one to your physician and talk about the pain he has been experiencing for some time now. Your doctor will prescribe medications or painkillers that will counteract the painful symptoms that your loved one is experiencing. However, doctors will always remind you that painkillers and the like will bring side effects. Side effects are also hard to manage and can cause discomfort if not pain. In cases like this, doctors lower the dosage of your painkillers. Your loved one deserves effective treatment for their symptoms, thus doctors will always make sure to prescribe the right medicine and guide you in administering the medications.
  • Exercise
    A cheap way to manage pain is to engage in physical activities. Exercise helps you manage sudden bursts of pain especially if the kind of pain you’ve been experiencing manifests in your movements such as back pain, muscle pain, or arthritis.
  • Rest
    For pain that lasts long and drains your energy deep inside, you can just rest. Sometimes, when you push yourself too hard to accomplish a task, you might burn yourself out. This is not healthy for your physical and mental state of health. Do not forget to take care of yourself by getting the sleep you deserve. Your senior loved one deserves a cozy snuggle on their bed every now and then.

We understand how hard it is to deal with pain, especially if it is chronic. Trust Home Care, Inc. will surely help you take care of your senior loved ones. If it’s Home Care in Maryland you’re looking for, you can certainly rely on our team. We offer Home Health Services in Maryland, ensuring your loved one’s improved health and lifestyle. For inquiries, please feel free to call us at 240-432-8461!

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