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Aging Gracefully: Health Tips

We all want to age gracefully and continue doing the things we love as we enter our golden years. So what can you do to make sure you are able to maintain your independence and health, as you get older? Well, here are some effective health tips you can try in the comfort of home: … Continue reading

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What Is Alzheimer’s and How Can It Be Prevented?

Alzheimer’s is a condition of the mind that causes memory loss and deterioration of cognitive function. Anyone can suffer from this condition but senior citizens have a much higher risk of getting Alzheimer’s due to an increased deterioration in the frontal lobe of the brains caused from naturally occurring toxins. Alzheimer’s is a terrible condition … Continue reading

Managing Pain Experienced by the Elderly

Most of the elderly experience pain due to their health conditions. Sometimes, it can be a minor headache or arthritis. On other days, it’s a combination of symptoms brought by a health condition. As somebody who takes care of your senior loved one, you should remember that pain can be managed. Here are some ways … Continue reading

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What Does Respite Care Mean?

There are many types of care for the geriatric population today. Families with an elderly member are given a handful of choices to improve the welfare of their loved one. There’s hospice care, respite care, home care, home health care, etc. Today, let us zoom in to “respite care”. What should you expect from respite … Continue reading

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Why Senior Citizens Should Exercise

The older we become the more our health will decline. This is a natural part of aging but just because it is natural, it does not mean we have to let it happen. It is possible to maintain your health, your youth, and your independence through some simple lifestyle changes and the best part is … Continue reading

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