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Beware of These Early Signs of Dementia

Beware of These Early Signs of Dementia

Dementia is the holistic term used for the symptoms or conditions related to brain-related health issues. When the brain or a part of it becomes damaged, dementia may ensue. However, this damage happens gradually and we will not feel all the symptoms instantly or in just one single boom.

Early signs and symptoms of dementia may vary from person to person. Since dementia may be linked to different types of brain diseases, there is no uniform set of symptoms which will be felt by patients. Generally, the following are the early warning signs of dementia as observed by Trust Home Care, Inc.

  • Subtle Memory Loss

    Memory loss among elderly needing Home Care in Bowie Maryland may either be short-term or long-term. Short-term memory loss is the term which best describes a circumstance when someone asks similar questions repetitively on a single occasion. When one easily forgets what he or she just said, it may already be an early indicator of dementia.

    Another type of memory loss affects our long-term memory. For example, one might forget what has happened two days ago or for a longer span of time. Usually, dementia affects short-term memory, but we should still be observant. When we or our loved ones experience long-term memory loss coupled with other symptoms, we should still see the doctor immediately and get checked for the possibility of dementia-related conditions.

  • Drastic Mood Swings

    Mood swings often happen to senior citizens. Because of the many painful life events that our elderly loved ones have experienced, they are prone to isolation and depression. These two can cause one to experience mood swings. Nonetheless, we should also take note that drastic changes in mood are also an early warning sign of dementia. Once we experience mood swings or if this happens to our elderly loved ones, we should become more attentive with our behaviors and take note of the symptoms that may coincide with that of dementia.

  • Inexplicable Confusion

    Another early symptom of dementia among elderly with companions from a home health care in Bowie Maryland is confusion. This confusion may range from simple inability to remember familiar locations, difficulty in finding the right words to convey one’s thoughts or experiencing trouble in completing sentences. Confusion, as an early sign of dementia, may also involve misplacing of car keys, forgetting a close friend’s name, or failing to recall the date.

  • Lack of Enthusiasm

    When we experience dementia, it means that our brain is slowly getting damaged. Since our mind cannot function at its maximum anymore, our body becomes affected too. This may be the reason why people who are suffering from dementia lose interest in their hobbies and other leisure activities. These individuals may also lack interest in attending gatherings with friends or families.

Whenever we or our loved ones feel any of these symptoms, we should visit our doctor and get ourselves checked. Remember, no matter how many symptoms of dementia we experience; only qualified physicians can make an accurate diagnosis.

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