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6 Pieces of Advice in Caring for a Beloved with Dementia

6 Pieces of Advice in Caring for a Beloved with Dementia

Caring for a beloved with dementia is a difficult challenge. While we aren’t born knowing how to deal properly with a person with dementia, there are lots of room for learning. These tips from Trust Home Care, Inc. can help make caregiving less stressful and improve the quality of your relationship with your beloved. Read thoroughly and take note:

  1. Use simple words. Patients with dementia have difficulty processing information and communicating with others. Keep your sentences simple and direct to the point. Speak slowly and use a comforting tone. Give them time to understand and process your message. Rephrase when necessary.
  2. Limit their options. It is important to exercise their sense of responsibility and encourage their independence. Ask for their opinions and let them decide in simple matters. However, these patients can be easily confused. They often feel overwhelmed with too many details and decision-making process. Thus, limit their options to two, such as in choosing a dress to wear or food to eat.
  3. Introduce them slowly to an activity. Bathing can be an activity that’s frightening and confusing. The trick is to prepare your bathing essentials in advance and slowly introduce them to the process. Let them do as much as they can to themselves.
  4. Treat them like adults. Dementia can cause mood swings and personality changes. Some patients even develop childlike or inappropriate behaviors. Nevertheless, try to approach them in the way that you do with other healthy adults. Baby-talking is ineffective, in as much as it is rude.
  5. Find ways to console them. Part of the disease process includes patients looking for persons or things. Sometimes, this rummaging can lead to frustrations and mess. For instance, a woman may be looking for her departed husband. This might cause her anxieties if she unsuccessfully looks for him. It is okay to tell her that her husband is working in the office or doing some errands.
  6. Be patient. You can’t expect for things to fall perfectly in place – but you can try. People with dementia need your love, attention, and patience to thrive healthily and happily even with the disease. They can’t control the things that are happening to them. Learn to be the bigger person and wise up to the challenge. Adapt to their care needs.

The Floor Is Yours…

Other readers can learn a lot from your first-hand experience. Tell us a challenging moment while caring for a beloved with dementia. How did you handle it? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

Do You Need Additional Help?

Dealing with a loved one’s dementia involves specialized services that differ from other types of home health services in Maryland. At Trust Home Care, Inc., we provide customized care plan for clients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Our care experts are trained specifically to understand and handle such unique cases.

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