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5 Rules for a Safe and Effective Medication Management


Juggling one, two, or three pills and more can be a challenge. It is easy to lose track of your seniors’ next medication schedule when you have so many things on your daily to-do’s. But just because medication slip-ups happen too often does not mean they are not dangerous.

Medicines play critical roles in helping a patient recover from an illness, find relief from a symptom, or improve their overall health. However, these known “health salves” have fatal consequences when used improperly. Missing a dose, overdosing, changing its route of administration, short-cutting or extending your length of therapy, or ignoring your prescriptions lead to several health conditions, including death.

The best and simplest way to avoid these unnecessary complications is to improve your medication adherence. As a provider of home care in Bowie, Maryland, we’ve got the smartest tips to manage your seniors’ medications, prevent drug issues, and lead them safely towards recovery and good health. Check these out:

  1. Organize their pills

    Group all pills with the same intake schedule and pack them in packets or pillboxes. This is a good way to organize your seniors’ medications. It is also the easiest way to track if they’ve missed a dose.

  2. Use a medication reminder

    Missing a dose or taking them beyond their schedule can wreak havoc on one’s body’s normal functioning. It can worsen your seniors’ condition. There are many medication reminder strategies you can try. What works for others may not necessarily work for you. Thus, find out what seems to be effective for you and your seniors – hang a calendar, post visual cues, set an alarm, or remind them.

  3. Have a medication list

    Adverse drug reactions are common in polypharmacy. There are drugs that lead to ill effects when taken together. However, this is very preventable by having a medication history. List down all medicines your seniors have been taking, including prescription medicines, OTC drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Update it when necessary. Show this list whenever you visit your seniors’ physician or pharmacist.

  4. De-clutter your medicine kit

    Always do an inventory check on your medicine stock. If a medicine is already expired or not in use, discard them properly. This helps avoid using the wrong and expired pill.

  5. Seek regular doctor appointments

    There may be adjustments or changes to your seniors’ medication therapy. Whether an illness has been successfully addressed or a new disease has surfaced, the need for new and updated health alternatives must always be considered.

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